WordPress or Blogger

WordPress and Blogger are one of the leading platforms today and their popularity is touching new heights every day. Both the platforms are equally important among the people who want to have their own websites and publish their content online. While the platforms are used by millions of people across the world, there have been a lot of comparisons and debates going on which one of these platforms is best for the users. In this article, we have dropped a detailed WordPress VS Blogger comparison so that you can know both of them better and decide which one is the best choice for you.

What is Blogger?

What is Blogger

Launched on August 23, 1999, Blogger is one of the leading platforms of the world. It allows users to create their own blog site and publish their content on that site. To be eligible for using Blogger, the users need to have a Google account and use it to login on to blogger.com and create their own blog. 

The best thing about Blogger is that you don’t need to have any coding skills to make your own blog because all the templates and customisations are pre-developed. You just have to choose your favourite stuff, drag it onto your blog site and you are ready to go. Moreover, you also don’t have to pay any signup fees, web hosting fees, or anything like that because Blogger is a free platform.

 It is indeed a great choice for complete beginners who don’t have any coding knowledge to make their own website or pay someone to make a website for them. Blogger will provide you a basic ready-to-go blog site within just 10 minutes and you can sit according to your own needs.

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress

If you are more into tech, you probably already know that WordPress is one of the simplest and easiest platforms that allow users to create their own websites or blog sites. WordPress was initially released on May 27, 2003, and today it has millions of users all over the world due to its flexibility and ease of making websites or blog sites. 

Users are free to choose their favourite template for their website from a vast collection and customise it according to their needs. WordPress has broken all the stereotypes and limitations and paved a way for non-coding people to make their own websites. You don’t need any coding, programming, or web development knowledge to use WordPress because everything is already laid out for you clearly and smoothly.

Which is Better – WordPress or Blogger?

Actually, both of the platforms have their own pros and cons and they are liked by the users for their unique features.

The thing is that if you are a complete beginner and just need anything to get started with, then Blogger is the best choice for you because you will have a ready-to-go blog site without spending a single penny. It’s because when you are a beginner, you don’t care about advanced features or anything else. You just need something to start and for that, the blogger is there to help you with that.

On the other hand, if you need more advanced features, better SEO, independent hosting, good reputation, and AdSense, then WordPress is the way to go for you. Blogger is hosted by Google and they can ban you anytime they want whereas WordPress offers independent hosting and allow you to make more changes to your website so that you can better optimise your website. As WordPress has some paid services, it has a better reputation as well.

Is Blogger free?

Yes! Blogger is totally free.

All the gadgets, templates, customisation, and hosting stuff are free at Blogger. We just said above that Blogger is hosted by Google and that is the foremost reason why most of their stuff is free because they already have a good system in place for everything.

Is WordPress Free?

WordPress is free to download & install but the hosting is not free.

The thing about WordPress is that you can download and install it free right now. You can even make a website freely according to your own. But to make a website usable after its creation, you have to host it somewhere and you will have to pay for it. Moreover, there are also some premium templates and plug-ins that you can only access by paying for them.

Pros of Blogger

Blogger has been used by millions of users all across the world due to the following benefits it provides to the users:

  1. Free to Use : Blogger is absolutely free to use. All the gadgets, templates, customizations, and hosting services are free to use.
  2. Free Domain Provider : A lot of platforms including WordPress ask you for money when things come to domains and hosting. Blogger provides you a free domain and hosting services.

Cons of Blogger

Although Blogger is free and a good choice for beginners, it also has some drawbacks that are not liked by the users:

  1. Limited Features : Blogger is free but it has a limited amount of features and you have to live with them.
  2. SEO Limitations : Blogger allows you to do very little customisation to the website due to which it becomes difficult to optimize your website for SEO.

Pros of WordPress

  1. Premium Plug-ins & Support : WordPress offers premium plug-ins, templates, & support to its users.
  2. Independent Hosting : Unlike blogger where websites are only hosted by Google, you can independently host your websites on WordPress.
  3. Better SEO : WordPress allows you to make more changes and customisations to their website so that you can easily optimize your website for SEO.

Cons of WordPress 

Here is the drawback of WordPress:

  • Everything’s Not Free

At Blogger, you get everything for free while at WordPress, you will pay for hosting and some of the template and plug-ins.

WordPress or Blogger for Beginners

WordPress or Blogger for Beginners

If you are wondering whether if Blogger is the best choice for beginners or WordPress, then here is our take.

Blogger is the best choice for beginners. It’s because as a beginner, you are just starting and need something to start with. 

Therefore, you should spend some time playing with free tools like Blogger, gain enough experience and knowledge and then move towards paid stuff like WordPress.

WordPress or Blogger for Making Money

WordPress or Blogger for Making Money

Money-making is the end goal of every person using Blogger or WordPress. Let’s have a look at whether WordPress or Blogger is better for money-making and why.

Short Answer – WordPress has an edge over Blogger when it comes to money-making.

Is WordPress Good for Money Making?

When we talk about making money, then WordPress has an edge over blogger.com. 

The key to making money through websites is AdSense & better SEO and WordPress is better than Blogger in terms of AdSense & SEO. Here are two things:

  1. AdSense – With WordPress, it is relatively easier to get your Adsense account approved because you have independent hosting.
  2. SEO – WordPress allows you to make more changes to your website and customize it accordingly. 

Is Blogger.com Good for Money Making?

Yes, blogger.com is also good for money-making and you will make money if your content is attractive and driving more traffic.

However, there are little technical differences mentioned above which give an edge to WordPress.

WordPress VS Blogger SEO

WordPress VS Blogger SEO

When you talk about money-making & SEO, WordPress will always be better than Blogger.

The reason is that SEO is all about making changes to your website and customising it according to the SEO protocols. Blogger doesn’t allow you to make a lot of changes to your website as compared to WordPress and when you can’t freely customise your website as per SEO protocols, you’ll always rank behind other websites. 

On the other hand, WordPress is more flexible and allows you to make more changes to the website and freely customise it according to the SEO protocols to rank your website higher and make more money.