DIGITAL MARKETING & WEB made simple with a dash of fun thrown in..

Hey I’m Merrin

Hey I’m Merrin

2020 was such a strange one, that I decided that it was time to make a change.  Make a decision.  So I bit the bullet and decided it was time to go out under my name. Time to stand out, and not hide behind previous business entities, but to show my face.

And have some fun. Teach people a few things and make some crazy videos.

Who you are makes a difference. And people want to buy from you, because of who you are.  So let’s chat and see how we can make that happen.

How it works

  1. We have a conversations and work out what you need a hand with
  2. Schedule a coffee date so we can get to know one another (cue the music)
  3. Discuss options and see if we want to go on another date (don’t get any ideas, this is all about your business!)
  4. Plan out a path together
  5. Then start on our first steps of our relationship
  6. Continue the relationship, if we feel comfortable staying together

What our clients say

It's all about relationships

The better the relationship with your clients, the better the results we all get.

Number of clients using video
Number of coffee's drunk
Number of laughs had
Number of happy clients

If you are not continually leaning, improving, shifting, testing and measuring, you WILL fall behind. The world is constantly moving and shifting and you need to do the same. ...

Reconnect. Reunite. Speak to your loved ones and friends. In the crazy world we live in we need and crave human connection.

Better still. RING. And talk to another human. They will thank you for it.

Lest we forget. Today we honor those brave warriors who served and made the ultimate sacrifice. RIP. #AnzacDay 🇦🇺 ...

Do you know who your ideal customer is? Like, really know in depth and on many levels? The better you do, the better you can sell to them or service them.

Need a hand work it out? Get in contact. We have a couple of ways of helping you work this out..

It always pays to do a spellcheck before submitting to the public..

Although it might attract a different crowd.. and as it's getting colder the weather will certainly be a bit nipply..

Puns over.. for now 🤣😉

I hope you are having a whole quokka fun! I certainly am. Website will be launched on Monday 26 April.

How exciting! I am looking forward to sharing more with you once it has launched.

So how is your plan going? Got one? Hoping to get by on a wish or a dream?
Sit down and start writing out how you want your life to turn out.

Then focus on feeling what it will be like when you acheive it.

The week is almost over. How was it? Get some great stuff done? Or was it one of those weeks where nothing seemed to get done? ...

How do you learn or remember? Surely not just from what some told you.. Many years ago I did a train the trainer course. It was be shown whilst watching, then be shown whilst doing, then do and be guided.

So good. So much better

Why have a website? And not just use your Facebook page or Instagram account?
You OWN your website. You don't own your social media accounts.
And in an instant, Facebook or Google can pull down your profiles or ban them.
They can't do that with a website.

Want to chat with someone about what you need? Then get in touch.

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Got yourself a brains trust and some business mentors? Or someone you can bounce ideas off?
I do. And it makes a big difference.

Come on, take that step.. Don't wait until it's all perfect. Just get out there and start on your journey or take the next step on your journey..

Need some courage? Then get in touch. Happy to push you outside your comfort zone.

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Have you Googled yourself or your business recently? How are you showing up online? This may sound a little wanky but it's definitely worth doing. Are you showing up like you want to show up what do your profiles need a refresh?

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I am spending some time for me and my business.. What are you doing over Easter? ...

Colour and movement. Light and dark.

Does this draw your eye? Does your current marketing?

Recently we had the amazing Ingrid from @the.sales.dr come and speak at our @peninsulabusinessnetworking brekky. The way we think about sales has changed post covid. Are you up to date?

Here I am with Ingrid and Sarah from @bouncebackwithsarah, who teaches women improve their financial understanding.

Where do you need to improve yourself or your business this year?

Stand out. Make a difference. Do something worth remembering. ...

In business, and life, relationships are the key. The more you know someone and have a good relationship with them, the more they will know like and trust you. ...

Do you know WHO your ideal customer is? Everyone is NOT your customer.

If you dont' then you need to determine this before you do anything else.

Are you spending a lot more time on one of these? We all are. And so are your customers. So make sure you are giving the best experience you can from their phone.. ...