Hi I'm Merrin. Making Digital Marketing and Websites simple with a dash of fun thrown in..

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How I can help you

When you start out to create a business, there is a formula for what you need to focus on.  Start with the brand, your logo, your colours, the concept of what your brand represents, your voice and a whole lot more.  This gives you or your brand a face.

After the branding phase is ready, then the development of a website with E-commerce capability comes next.  It is like the spoke of a wheel.

Your website is the centre of your world, which all other activities come from. SEO (search engine optimisation) and Marketing, PR, Social Media, Advertising, Content Creation, Video, Customer Service and a while lot more.

You need to create a presence. Something that people can search for, find, and if they decide that they want to do business with you (or go on a business date), then they can.

The need to KNOW you first.  Then get to LIKE you. Before they TRUST you with their business.


Learn the art of making great videos. Or get them made for your business.

Web Design


Beautifully designed and functional websites are the foundation of your digital footprint



So you have a website, and now you need it to rock and roll, and do the job you want it to while you sleep

Social Mediaa


Overwhelmed with social media and which platforms to use for your business?



Good ol SEO – search engine optimisation.  The words or phrases your customers use to find YOU.



Want to understand what digital marketing is and how you can stand out from your competition. Then come and learn some things.


Need to talk to a professional to improve your digital life or take it to the next level?

Hey I’m Merrin

Hey I’m Merrin

2020 was such a strange one, that I decided that it was time to make a change.  Make a decision.  So I bit the bullet and decided it was time to go out under my name. Time to stand out, and not hide behind previous business entities, but to show my face.

And have some fun. Teach people a few things and make some crazy videos.

Who you are makes a difference. And people want to buy from you, because of who you are.  So let’s chat and see how we can make that happen.

How it works

  1. We have a conversations and work out what you need a hand with
  2. Schedule a coffee date so we can get to know one another (cue the music)
  3. Discuss options and see if we want to go on another date (don’t get any ideas, this is all about your business!)
  4. Plan out a path together
  5. Then start on our first steps of our relationship
  6. Continue the relationship, if we feel comfortable staying together

Feel the love

Merrin, I simply do not know how to express my appreciation and gratitude for your incredible effort in helping us to set up business. You’re a most talented lady and strategic thinker, always ahead of the pack. It’s a privilege to be your client.👍

Neil Harbour
Oceanic Sorrento

Within 2 weeks of being listed on Google, we had a call from WA needing work done in Rosebud. I nearly fell off my chair- this stuff works! And was before my website was finished!

Mark Finley
Finleys Plumbing

We went from selling 4-5 pairs of shoes a month to 4 or more pairs a day with Merrin’s help. She knows her stuff!  Would recommend it in a heartbeat. 😊 And she cares.  I am sure she spent way more time with us than she charged for.

Nigel Craig
Comfort Shoes Direct

It's all about relationships

The better the relationship with your clients, the better the results we all get.

Number of clients using video 66%
Number of coffees drunk 70%
Number of laughs had 90%
Number of happy clients 96%