Best ecommerce platforms for SEO

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With the growing trend of the internet & technology, more and more businesses are becoming digital and online every day. The reason is that online businesses are much more effective and flexible than local businesses. You can market and sell your product to billions of people across the world from anywhere and anytime you want.

As lots of businesses are getting online, there has been increasing competition among businesses to rank their online stores at the top and the only way to do so is to optimise your online business according to the SEO protocols. In this article, we have dropped the best e-commerce platforms for SEO so that you can effectively rank your online business and get more traffic to make more profit and money.

Why SEO is Important for Ecommerce Stores?

Why SEO is Important for Ecommerce Stores

At this moment, you’ll be probably wondering why only SEO? Don’t fret! We will explain it all to you.

SEO is the most important thing required for the survival of any online business and no online business in the world can become successful without optimising its website according to the SEO protocols.

Whenever we want to buy something online, we search keywords on our browser and the browser shows us relevant results in return. For example, let’s suppose you are selling t-shirts online. Now if someone wants to purchase a t-shirt online, they will probably search some keywords on Google like “men’s t-shirt, women’s t-shirt, buy t-shirts, etc”. Now, if your online t-shirt store is optimised according to the SEO protocols, then the browser will show them the link of your online t-shirt store on the first page of results so that they can go there and purchase the t-shirt, leading to more sales.

On the contrary, if your online t-shirt store is not optimised according to SEO protocols, then the browser will not show your online t-shirt store on the first page. No one will be able to see it and you will miss out on sales.

This is how SEO makes a big impact and difference on online businesses. The online business with better SEO get ranked on the first page of the browser and get more traffic sales, and profit whereas the online businesses with poor SEO don’t get ranked on the first page of the browser and they go unnoticed and don’t get any traffic, sales or profit.

Now you probably understand why you need to choose the best e-commerce platform for SEO, so now it’s time to have a look at some of the best e-commerce platforms for SEO.

Best Ecommerce Platforms

Here are the top four best e-commerce platforms for SEO:

  1. Woocommerce
  2. Bigcommerce
  3. Shopify
  4. Magento

If you are looking for a short answer, then Woocommerce is the king of all because it’s just perfect when it comes to SEO.


If you want to have a true e-commerce experience and generate more profit, then Woocommerce is the way to go for you. Woocommerce is above all the other e-commerce platforms because it allows you to run the perfect e-commerce and affiliate website at the same time under one roof.

Woocommerce’s SEO

The SEO at Woocommerce is strong and unbeatable.

  • It Works with WordPress

Woocommerce works with WordPress which is famously known as the king of SEO in the e-commerce industry. With Woocommerce, you will have a strong SEO and rank your page higher to make more money.

  • Easy Customisation

Woocommerce is very flexible and easy to customise. They allow you to freely make changes to your website and optimize it according to the SEO protocols for getting the maximum traffic and making more sales and money.


Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms of the world that has empowered millions of people all around the world and enabled them to make their own online e-commerce stores. Before, making a personal online e-commerce store themselves was a dream for people because they were either not good at coding/programming or had no knowledge of it at all. Shopify has made it possible for non-coding people to make their own ready-to-go online e-commerce stores in a few simple steps and customise them according to their choice. All you have to do is to drag and draw your favourite template onto your e-commerce website and decorate it as per your own choice.

Shopify’s SEO

  • Designed around SEO

Shopify’s SEO is designed especially for e-commerce which makes it one of the effective choices.

  • More Flexible for SEO

Shopify is flexible and allows you to make free changes to your website so that you can customize it according to the SEO protocols.


Bigcommerce is another leading e-commerce platform with thousands of users across the world. It’s an ideal choice for big stores that have a big range of products and also people who already have an existing business on the ground and now they just want to expand and transform into a brick and mortar business with an online presence.

Bigcommerce has a lot of features such as they’re scalable and flexible, they allow multi-channel selling, and they have got fantastic cart features and theme designs.

Bigcommerce’s SEO

  • Basic Features

Bigcommerce has all the basic SEO features an e-commerce store needs to make a profit and survive. Be it page titles, Meta description, Alt tags, mobile optimisation, or product filtering, you will get everything there.

  • Advanced Features

Bigcommerce also has some advanced features along with the basic ones such as microdata, 301 redirects, content delivery network, and HTTPS security, etc.


Magento is another popular e-commerce platform that allows making endless customisations to get your store designed the way you want. There’s a huge community of developers available at Magento that are waiting to be hired and willing to work on your store. You can even consult with them and get answers to all of your relevant questions for free. Moreover, Magento is free to get started and they have all the features of a regular and perfect e-commerce store such as strong SEO, flexible customisation, independent hosting, and 1-click selling.

Magento’s SEO

Here’s the thing:

  • Magento also offers superb SEO services due to the built-in SEO features that allow you to customise your website and optimise it according to the SEO protocols more effectively.