The Power of Video

The Power of Video 

I get it. Not everyone likes seeing themselves on video. It is hard not to focus on how you look and the sound of your voice (particularly because it is rarely how you think you look and sound). The thing is, the more you film yourself the easier it becomes and the more you realise people are interested in what you are offering THEM and not your appearance. Below are some very good reasons to bite the bullet and embrace the power of video marketing. 

Videos influence sales

Videos of products or services give a clearer, easier-to-understand idea of what the customer is buying. Seeing things in action gives viewers greater confidence because they are literally seeing them with their own eyes. 

According to Hubspot, Marketers believe user understanding is increased by up to 97% with the inclusion of a video. Giving your product or service the edge over all those relying on written descriptions.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimizing your content for the best search engine results for your keywords is crucial for every business. Very few people look past the first page on Google. Part of making your site attractive to Google and alike is consumer interest, ie. the more clicks on your site, the more the search engines direct traffic to your site. Hubspot research reports that 66% of people visit a website after viewing one of their videos, which is a lot more viewers and a lot more traffic directed to your products and services. Due to the popularity of videos, Google has recently increased the value placed on video content, preferencing pages with videos over text. In addition to this, videos are easily shared across many different mobile phone-friendly platforms like Instagram to YouTube, increasing your viewing audience significantly.

Viewers Like Videos

Videos are the ultimate in advertising to a passive audience. They are easy to view, they are entertaining (Or should be) and they require minimal effort from the viewer. It allows you to spark an interest in your product and keeps people on your site longer (another SEO benefit). It allows your business to put forward its benefits in a way that makes your viewer feel good watching it ie. Adding a popular song in the background or showing your viewer a helpful ‘how to video’ can add value to their day and promote your brand at the same time. 

People Like to Share Videos

According to WordStream data, video content is 1200% more likely to be shared than a written article. Shared videos are also more likely to be viewed, after all, someone you know liked it enough to share it. It is a brilliant way of using your customer base to advertise on your behalf. It is the digital equivalent of word of mouth and that has been creating business since businesses began!

Top Tips For Video Content


  • Be yourself – People buy from People
  • Make it Useful – Include a ‘How to’ or a Demo of your product
  • Keep it under two minutes long
  • Transcribe your script, as people don’t always have their sound on
  • Always include a Call to Action ie. ‘Shop Here’ link to your online store

Now you can see all of the advantages it is time to go forth and explore the greatly beneficial world of Video Digital Marketing. 

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