Why Stories and Reels work for small business in 2024

Wondering why you need to use Stories and Reels in 2024? I’ll bet you’ve heard that these video formats are the trendsetters this year. As a digital marketing and videography expert, I can confidently say if you haven’t leveraged Stories and Reels, you’re skipping a golden ticket for business growth in 2023.

FOMO is Real, and It’s Spectacular

If you’re asking why you need to use Stories and Reels in 2023, let’s talk about FOMO. The fear of missing out. Stories (24-hour clips) instil a fear of missing out, urging users to engage before the story vanishes. For businesses, this is the perfect window to launch flash sales or limited-time offers. Or show some behind the scene takes on what you do at work.  Without it being front and centre.

My Tip

In the first three seconds, grab the audience’s attention with high-impact content. Think of Stories and Reels as miniature narratives contributing to your larger brand story.  Find a hook to get people wanting to watch more.

Merrin Munroe digital - reels

User Engagement: It’s a Two-Way Street

One reason you need to use or start to use Stories and Reels in 2024 is the outstanding user engagement. Features like polls, quizzes, and questions transform your story from a monologue into a dialogue. 

My Tip

Always include a call to action in your Stories and Reels. Keep your audience engaged by giving them something to do, like answering a poll or visiting your website.


The Algorithmic Advantage

Why are Stories and Reels successful in 2024? It’s partly because they get algorithmic love. Positioned at the top of your audience’s feeds, they get prime real estate for visibility.  The longer the watch views, the more your reels will get shown.

My Tip

Integrate humour and lighthearted content into your Stories and Reels. The algorithm favours engagement, and a laugh will keep users coming back for more.  And you want people to stay watching.  The platforms favour the content that keeps people watching.


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Content Creation

Don’t fret over the technical details; taking a photo or making a video on your phone has become so simple.  You have all you need right on your phone.  A little planning goes a long way, but the creation has become something that anyone can master.

My Tip

Just start. Your first tries might not be Spielberg-level, but they will help build your brand’s authentic voice. Perfectection can come later.


Local and Global: Why Not Both?

Wondering how to broaden your reach? Geotags and hashtags can make your Stories and Reels discoverable locally and globally. And why not?  Unless you are a bricks and mortar business, anyone can be your customer.

My Tip

Use trending hashtags alongside those unique to your business to gain the maximum reach. Its a way of people searching for and finding you more easily.



There you have it! Stories and Reels offer unrivalled visibility, user engagement, and simplicity. So, if you’re a small business owner pondering why you need to use Stories and Reels in 2024, my advice is crystal clear: start now. The longer you wait, the more you miss out on building an engaged and expansive audience this year.